Against international financial institutions as instruments of imperialist domination, Against dependence on neo-colonialism, For the right of peoples to their sovereignty

سياسة1 يونيو، 2023

The Moroccan government is preparing intensively to host the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which will take place in Marrakech from October 9 to 15, 2023. This is the second time in the history that these meetings have been held in Africa in 50 years (they were held in Nairobi in 1973).
We, Al Mounadil-a current, oppose these two institutions, which are one of imperialism’s main instruments for enslaving peoples, plundering their wealth, extending the domination of multinationals and large capitalist corporations, and destroying the planet. We join our voice to the social movements in our country, as well as at global, continental and regional levels (North Africa and the Middle East), and commit ourselves alongside them in the process of preparing a counter-summit to these official assemblies.

A congress of imperialist instruments to coordinate world domination
The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were created in 1944, with the intention of averting a new crisis comparable to that of 1929. Imperialism, led by the United States of America, integrated both institutions into the mechanisms for perpetuating the dependency that leads to major social, environmental and economic catastrophes, such as poverty, famine, wars, conflicts, terrorism, migration and the disintegration of states, etc.
The history of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund shows their role in implementation of destructive neoliberal policies for humanity and the environment. They also have been supporting authoritarian regimes that impose a “development” model that fuels underdevelopment.
In our country, the World Bank has intervened since the early 1960s by supporting depending capitalism, which has been developed since the colonial era, and to establish the mechanisms of neo-colonialism through indebtedness, while reinforcing despotism.
International Monetary Fund interfered in Morocco in early 1980s, Following the debt crisis and country repayment default. IMF dictated a structural adjustment program. This liberal program accentuated indebtedness, opened the country up to foreign capital and goods, and allowed profits to be repatriated, notably with Morocco’s accession to the World Trade Organization in the mid-90s, and the generalization of “free trade”.

So, this trio is cooperating with the local ruling classes to give more opportunities to foreign and local big business to capture most of the country’s wealth and consolidate political despotism. Normalization with Zionism is part of imperialism strategy in the region while domestic ruling regime accelerate predatory capitalist penetration of the African continent and reinforce Morocco’s role as an African gateway.
Consequently, we in the Al Mounadil-a current believe that anti-imperialism today begins with a radical struggle against the IMF-WB-WTO trio, which interferes directly to control the destiny of our country and our region in general. We also oppose all other imperialist institutions, such as NATO and others, normalization with Zionism and all forms of relations of domination with all imperialisms of different camps and poles.
The prospects for a new anti-imperialist movement seem dim today, especially on our African continent, where continuity has been broken with the generation of pioneers who fought against colonialism and for a development that benefits the people. In our region (North Africa and the Middle East) as well, where the experiences of popular uprisings have shown that demands were limited to social and political claims that did not directly clash with imperialism. However, competition between imperialist predators for the plundering of our continent’s wealth will trigger new resistance of peoples of Africa, who will take up the struggle for liberation from neo-colonialism. The new generations will lead this struggle with renewed vigour.

Imperialism’s objectives in holding the annual meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund in Marrakech
The choice of Morocco to host the annual meetings of these two institutions is far from being a coincidence, but rather a political decision by imperialism. Firstly, to support the current regime. Secondly, to present Morocco as a successful example of implementation of economic neoliberal policies. Thirdly, to conceal the criminal history of the two institutions towards the people, their ruin of many countries’ economies, and their responsibility for famines.
The Moroccan regime considers that the success of the annual meetings of the international financial institutions will bring political benefits (to be considered as a reliable and stable ally) and economic advantages (being an economic gateway to Africa).
Consequently, he is keen to avoid any disruption, not only in terms of logistical and security preparations, but also at the political level. The aim is to avoid anything that might show the face of social catastrophe, such as mass unemployment, endemic poverty, marginalization and the misery in which the majority lives while a minority enriches itself scandalously.
The exceptional mobilization undertaken by the Moroccan state to host the IMF-WB annual meetings is not just further proof of submission to their policies and marketing of their experiments to the world, but rather it charts the prospects for a deepening of dependency and a new stage in imperialist domination and the deepening of political despotism in our country.

The tasks of the workers’ and social movements against imperialism and despotism
The working class have tasted nasty fruits of the policies of the international financial institutions implemented since the 1980s: poverty that crushes millions of citizens, unemployment that wipes out women and young people seeking for an opportunity to flee across the sea, permanent over-indebtedness of working-class households, and public services that are subject to constant questioning of their gratuity and quality. On the other hand, the dominance of local and foreign private capital is reinforced, taking benefits of resources, public finances and public lands to accumulate huge profits.
The big capitalists who will be meeting in Marrakech want to show the bright side of capital and hide the other, i.e. social ruin.
Our role, as workers’ and grassroot organization, and as activists of social movements, is to make heard the voices of all those who suffer from the policies of imperialist financial institutions and the despotism that applies them by generalizing the repression of popular struggles, the imprisonment of activists and all opposing voices.
We, in the Al Mounadil-a current, declare our firm support for militant initiatives calling for the organization of a summit of social movements against the IMF-WB assemblies in Marrakech. We also declare our intention to support and engage in all forms of action and activities that emerge from the preparatory process underway at international, African, Middle Eastern and Moroccan levels.
We join our voice to trade unions, grassroot, youth and women’s organizations, and to the various coordinations and movements in action and others who want to engage in this struggle dynamic to succeed in our summit against the big gathering that the riches of the world want to organize in Marrakech next October, and reveal their true nature as exploiters and colonialists.
Al Mounadil-a current calls on all left-wing political organizations and movements in Morocco, North Africa and the Middle East/Arab region, in Africa and on a global scale to engage in a political dynamic against imperialist institutions by preparing political initiatives in parallel with the summit of social movements against the official IMF-WB assemblies.
The state will not dissuade us by its propaganda and by using a section of civil society known for its services to the regime to contain the initiative and steer it towards submission to imperialist institutions and despotism.
No to the summit of imperialist institutions in our country.
No to the submission that the regime wants us to swallow.
Al Mounadil-a Current
May 27, 2023

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